Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Ultimate Veggie Burger

It was one of those weeknights, when everything went better than expected. Everyone was fed and happy, ktichen was back in order, toddler was cooperating and I was secretly praying not to jinx it. After the little being was asleep at a decent hour, I tiptoed downstairs, wondering what I was going to do with all this free time. I knew I was in the mood for..

some grown-up TV watching !! Usually, we gather around our coffee table, eating, drawing, reading and doing everything else you can imagine. That includes us trying to watch some TV while my 2 year old is watching youtube videos on his IPAD. Its also family conversation time, so we are talking about our day, and what happened at school and work and planning for the next day. Its chaos in that 4x4 feet space! ( I feel very guilty about raising my son this way, then I wonder, isn't this just normal life. why should I raise him in a seemingly perfect environment which is hard to achieve on a day-to-day basis. This is my general parenting dilemma - to be an idealist or a realist?). So you can imagine how excited I was to have uninterrupted TV watching time!

Ok, back to Veggie Burger. So here I am,comfortably parked on the couch, I turn on Food Network (for a foodie, there is no better entertainment!) and I see Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! Now, I love this show, and it almost always is full of meat recipes. I still love the show - I think because it showcases normal people getting creative with their food. Much like all the bloggers online.

To my surprise and delight, they feature a place called The Sparrow Tavern, here in Queens, New York. AND the chef is making a Veggie Burger. I felt like I hit the jackpot (but I would've preferred to hit the jackpot!). Very excited, I watched the recipe and immediately after looked it up online!

I found a few versions and when I did a mental check of my fridge and pantry, I realized I had almost all the ingredients to make this. And I couldn't wait to make it.

It took me a couple of days to get around it, but boy am I glad I eventually did. This is hands down the best veggie burger I've had and this is sure to be my go-to burger from here no.No more frozen patties in my life!
After eating SEVERAL of thse burgers over the last 2 days, my husband thinks I could go into business with these. Coming from a carnivore, its a testament to the awesomeness of this burger!

The sauce that goes with it is equally awesome and so simple to make! These patties freeze well, so make a big batch. Here goes.


Veggie Patty

- 2 medium Potatoes - boiled
- 1 cup Carrots - shredded
- 1 large Zucchini - shredded
- 1 cup Peas - Boiled
- 3-4 oz of button Mushrooms
- 1 Red Pepper - chopped
- 1 cup brown rice - cooked
- 1/2 cup Panko bread crumbs
- 1 cup Black Beans (not part of original recipe)
- 1 cup Bulgur ( part of original recipe, I did not add.)

- 1/2 cup Mayo
- 1/3 cup Dijon Mustard
- 2-3 tbsp Maple Syrup
- 1 tbsp Cayenne Pepper (Note: original recipe calls for 3 tbsp - that would be too much!)

- Salad greens and tomato for burger


- In a pan, add a little Olive Oil and saute the mushrooms. The original recipe called for raw mushrooms, I prefer them cooked.
- Cook them for 2-3 mins, till they lose their rawness. Dont add salt.
- In a large mixing bowl, add all ingredients and add salt to taste.
- Let the mixture stand for 1 hour.
- Roll the mixture into medium round patties. I got about 13-14 of good sized patties.
- Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with foil and spray with oil.
- Place patties an inch apart and spray the top with oil too.
- Bake in the oven for 30-35 mins, checking at about 20-25 mins.
- Once done, let them cool. You can freeze the patties at this point.

For the sauce, mix all ingredients when reaady to serve. For serving the burger, heat a pan on medium heat and add 1-2 tbsp of oil (olive or canola will do). Add the patty to the oil and let it brown and crisp on both sides. Put the bun on the pan and let it brown a little.
Assemble with the veggie patty, arugula (or any other salad green, original recipe used frisee and pita bread), tomato (optional) and dress with the sauce. You are enjoying the Ultimate Veggie Burger !

For the Sauce, you can control the heat with the amount of cayenne pepper you add, but use atleast 1/2 a tbsp.
For the veggies, you really can add whatever other veggies you like, I wanted to add spinach and sweet potatoes. I also thought some quinoa would be a good addition.
You need the potato and bulgur for binding, so dont skip or skimp.


  1. Today my lunch got over at 11.30 instead of the usual 12.30. Why? Because I was given one of these beauties and couldn't wait! :-) Thank you, Archana! It was lovely indeed!


    1. haa! glad you ejoyed it. They are better warm and crisp ofcourse.

  2. This looks amazing! I had a veggie burger once in my life and it was delicious. It also had carrots and zucchini so maybe that is the secret ingredient. :)

    1. thanks. I can't put my finger on it - this burger has the kitchen sink in it!

  3. Archana, you just stated what happens at home in the evenings with some complaints and whining added to it..
    To the burger, woa,, girl I love the additions to the burger. I am sure it was good and I will be making your version soon.

    1. I imagine its the same in all households with little kids - so glad we are keeping it real for the kids!
      Hope you try this burger, its relatively easy and a flavor bomb!

  4. I love veggie burgers that have potatoes and beans in the ingredient list - yours sounds and looks so good!

    Shashi @ http://runninsrilankan.com

    1. thanks Shashi, I think the potatoes add something to it. I've usually seem egg used to bind them instead of potatoes. I prefer the potatoes even if my waistline doesn't :)

  5. This looks yummy and can use so many fresh garden vegetables!

  6. Looks so delicious, Love veggie burgers, need to make one from scratch.

  7. I live in NY now...would love to taste test for you. :)

    Seriously though, I love veggie burgers, it's hard to find them without soy (which I don't eat). This looks delicious!

  8. These burgers look great! I think I will make the patty one of these days. I always thought they needed a lot of oil to shallow fry them, but your idea of baking them is a better one.

    As for TV watching after the LO is asleep, I can only say that you are luckier than I am. The only time we tried watching a movie after the toddler was asleep, she woke up, and refused to go back to bed for another couple of hours :( Her schedule was crazy for a week after that. Lesson learnt.

    1. TV watching is a luxury with a toddler - I get the one off chance too. I hope you try the veggie burger, its delish.